The world of technology is ever changing and keeping up is sometimes both a grand challenge and a lot of fun. At Orbifold we love to keep up and to delve at the frontier. In this category you will find some of our findings.

Random walks and marketing optimization

A short graph analytical proof that highly connected touchpoints lead to a higher conversion rate.

Dataiku: a great data science platform

An overview of Dataiku and a data science platform.

Dummy DCOS Propensity Service based on NodeJS for DCOS on Azure Container Services

Straightforward implementation of a propensity scoring service on top of Azure's Container Services.
Gear Mind.

Business recipe to embrace AI

Business 6-step recipe to embrace AI.
Keras logo.

MNIST autoencoder using Keras

Example of an autoencoder in Keras.
Markov Chain

Tutorial: Markov chain in R/C++

The code of this article can be found on Github. This tutorial…

Transforming text into data

Ways to transform text into data.

Stochastic integrals via R

The rules for random things are somewhat different than the ones…
Category Theory on board.

Monads (with snippets in R and Swift)

The literature and information around monads and categories is…
R open

Reproducible research

Reproducible research is the idea that data analyses, and more…