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Workflow Designer


With the ever increasing power of parallel computing, cloud computing, clustered solutions and multi-threading developments comes the difficulty to visualize branches of activities and parallel sequences. Worklfow comes in many guises and variations; in SharePoint, in business processes, in content management systems and more. Not only on a very deep technical level but also on a very basic user experience level workflows need often to be visualized in order to convey a certain logic, especially when this logic is potentially non-linear and branches in dynamic ways.

We develop custom workflow visualizations and workflow designers which can be bound to server-based processes or to client-side presentation logic. Whether you want to target the desktop, the web or mobile platforms we have solutions and the know-how to take your ideas to an end-product.

We offer:

  • extensive expertise in workflow, diagramming techniques and how it correlates to the business context
  • fresh, creative ideas for your design or business vision
  • diverse ready-to-go libraries for JavaScript, Silverlight or WPF
  • the know-how to bind workflows to server-based systems (CMS, SharePoint etc.)

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