How Are Online Casino Games Tested for Fairness?

Gambling fans are used to risking money, but no one likes to be cheated. Therefore, gamblers want to find online establishments that guarantee the honesty of the gaming process and the payment of large wins. If gamblers rely on luck on roulette or slot machines, then when choosing a site with gambling entertainment, it is worth following some rules. In this article, we will look at how you can check online casinos for honesty.

Checking the License

The first thing to look out for is the license. It gives the operator the right to organize gambling. Its absence makes casinos illegal. The license presupposes the operator’s compliance with the established rules:

  • The site contains official content from providers.
  • Gamblers’ data is protected and safe.
  • In conflict situations between the client and the administration of the institution, the authority that issued the permit may intervene in the situation.

If an online casino has a link to the official website of the regulator, then this fact already serves as a good argument in favour of the honesty of the institution. In the absence of such a link, it is recommended to contact support for clarification. If the consultant cannot provide registration information, this is a reason to classify the casino as dishonest.

Checking Software and Certificates

The site should contain only licensed slot machines in the form as released by the developer. Dishonest casinos are embedded in the program code and can change the results of spins.


Compliance with the rules of fair play requires operators to enter into direct contracts with providers of interactive gambling entertainment. Information about this must be confirmed on the manufacturer’s website. Large platforms announce the signing of new contracts and bring news about this to their clients. Doubtful resources quietly add the provider’s collection of games to the list and accept bets until the first claims from copyright holders appear.


A technically savvy user can independently check which server a connection is established with when launching a slot. If the call goes to the provider’s server – everything is in order, if a third-party resource appears in the traffic description – it is better to refuse such a game.

Checking Reputation and User Reviews

Dishonest online casinos deliberately generate positive reviews about themselves. Authoritative sites with ratings and gamblers’ comments become a good help in this matter. Referring to them will help make the correct inference. What points should you pay attention to?

  • How the institution resolves controversial issues with users.
  • How detailed the conditions on the site are.
  • How the account verification process is organized.
  • What services are used for payments.
  • How quickly the technical support service responds to the request.

 Thus, using a simple algorithm, you can check online casinos for fairness. We recommend all gamblers check gambling establishments and get big winnings.

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